The University Of Southampton Msc Corporate Risk And Security Management Masters

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This guide has been put together for prospective students of the MSc Corporate Risk and Security management masters degree course from the Management School at the University of Southampton.

At the Management School, our Corporate Risk and Security Management masters course is recognised and approved by the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) and the Institute of Risk Management (IRM).

The programme is available both full time over one year, and part time over two years. It is hoped that by offering a two speed course we can cater for your requirements irrespective of your commitments and responsibilities outside of the university.

Corporate risk and security is a fundamental consideration in more or less all organisations nowadays. Because of this, university leavers with a Corporate Risk and Security Management masters degree are of high value to all kinds of employers.

After all, the security industry is estimated to be the fastest growing service sector in the UK. And as you probably know, poor risk and security arrangements are frequently blamed for failure in a whole host of corporate and community contexts.

To cater for the demand for risk and security consultants, we created this Corporate Risk and Security Management masters degree, which explores all the issues related to risk and security in the modern world.

At Southampton we have an excellent international reputation for the analytical study of management and business. Postgraduate study with us will introduce you to new concepts and knowledge, which can make all the difference in the job market.

If you wish to apply to enrol on the Corporate Risk and Security Management masters degree course, you should complete a University of Southampton application form and return it to the Academic Registrar without delay.